These terms and conditions apply to the purchase and sales of any goods between COCONEH and you (the retailer). They will be deemed to have been accepted by you upon placement of your first order.

  • By placing an order you undertake the responsability to act as a representative of Coconeh brand and act with goodwill, promote our products under the brand´s name and agree with COCONEH Terms & Conditions.
  • We offer you  a limited non-exclusive license to use our branding, copyright, designs. You will not present or make believe that our products , COCONEH products are your personal design or branding or mislead the consumer.
  • All designs are attached to global copy rights, you will not try to duplicate or sell counterfeit pieces or similar pieces that might incur in mislead to the public.  You hereby indemnify the seller (Coconeh) for all the costs incurred arising from your default, including all legal costs and commercial costs.


  1. Brand / COPYRIGHTS/Trademarks

All products must be commercialized under the brand COCONEH© in Social Media, web page, your shop online and offline, trade shows, sale channels, shops, etc.  COCONEH© products may not be commercialized brandless but only under the explicit brand name COCONEH.

Commercialization of COCONEH© products in online shopping platforms (global or local marketplaces) is not allowed.

Product pictures provided by COCONEH, on the Social Media and website of COCONEH© are intellectual property of COCONEH and are only to be used to commercialize COCONEH products. Brand or photo credits must be used to commercialize COCONEH products. Brand name and photo credits must be mentioned when using them.

All designs, text, graphics and other contents or arrangements of  COCONEH`S website, social media, etc.  in whatever format belong to COCONEH©. All rights are reserved. The Trademarks and logos displayed on the Website are the registered and unregistered Trademarks of COCONEH. Nothing contained on the Website should be construed as granting, by implication, or otherwise, any license or right to use any trademark displayed on the Website, Social Media, Blog, etc., without written permission from COCONEH©.

By placing an order you agree to respect the intellectual property rights of COCONEH© and will refrain from copying, downloading, transmitting, reproducing, printing, or exploiting for commercial purpose any material contained within the Website, Social Media, etc.

You may, however, download material that is required for selling COCONEH© products. Such downloaded material may not be used for any purpose other than to assist you selling and promoting COCONEH© products under the explicit brand`s name.

You shall not use any trademarks or trade names which resemble any of ours and which would therefore be likely to confuse or mislead.

You hereby indemnify the seller (Coconeh) for all the costs incurred arising from your default, including all legal costs and commercial costs.


      2 .  Order Placement

All orders made are binding.

Orders must be sent in the ORDER FORM to

Orders are only considered finalized and stock will only be reserved once COCONEH has received the payment in full for the order.

The proforma invoice is your acknowledgment that we have received your order. Always check that your confirmation is correct.

The minimum initial order value  is 250EUR (Excl. tax and shipping). 

Freight cost, customs taxes are not included in the prices or minimum order and will be calculated after receiving the order.

Modifications to the proforma or invoice is possible, an extra fee for administration costs might be added.

We can cancel any order when proforma has expired, you are late in payment or we consider convenient for the brand.


  1. Delivery and Shipping

Shipping cost is always added in the proforma invoice. The goods are shipped with UPS/DHL from Mexico City.

The shipping cost is based on the volume size of the consignment and weight of your order, this one is decided by UPS/DHL. We don`t have any influence on this and they are not fixed.

Orders will depart only  after payment in full has been received.

After payment has been received you will receive a tracking number to follow up your order, please notice that during COVID-19 period, transport companies are taking longer to deliver.

The company (seller) is not liable for any import/export duties or taxes, administration taxes for customs, extra documents required by the customs in your country. This is the buyer responsibility.

If delivery is unsuccessful the buyer will be responsible for any redelivery charges that might arise or damage to the merchandise.



  1. Terms of Payment

Your order can only be dispatched after payment in full.

All orders are shipped upon pre-payment by PayPal (+3% cost of the total value of the invoice) OR by bank transfer. 

For payment through PayPal, it should be done through the sent link by email.

Proformas invoices have an expiration date, after this date stated on the document, stock availability, price and shipping cost can variate without previous notice.

Ownership of the goods belong to Coconeh (seller) until customer has paid in full the final invoice.

Customer (buyer) is responsible for any bank transfer, PayPal, customs fees and charges.

A late payment fee will be charged for invoices paid later than the due date, this fee will be € 20 per invoice and per month. 

You must pay your order in € or US dollars, the currency of the received invoice.


  1. RMA / Returns 

Any RMA must be received within 3 working days of receipt of goods.

Return of order will only be accepted after a  written approval of Coconeh.

All goods must be returned in perfect conditions, with tags, new, and return shipping cost are covered by the buyer.

Shipping costs will not be refunded.

When sending your RMA report, always start by emailing  and supplement the email with pictures.

No refund can be granted if the claim is not supported by pictures or images within the 3 days fo receiving the goods.

In case of refund this will be done by our administration within the next 15 working days.


6. Prices

 The wholesale prices are sent on our ORDER FORM. You can receive this one after you have registered your business and Coconeh sales team has evaluated the information:

All prices are before VAT,  shipping costs & import taxes if applicable.

Coconeh reserves the right to change the prices of its products in a discretional way.


7. Cancellations

 After payment orders can not be cancelled, or modified without previous written authorization from Coconeh.

Return orders can only be accepted after return authorization from Coconeh, please check our return policy (Section number 5 of this document).

Shipping cost & other operational costs can not be refunded.

An administration fee of 5% of the total amount of the invoice will be retained.

No order can be cancelled when in in transit to its final destination.


8 .Ending cooperation

COCONEH© reserves the full right to cancel any order or supply if any of the conditions above are not fully met, or when considered beneficial for the brand. Failure to comply with any of the above terms will result in immediate suspension of the wholesale account.



Thanks for reading this document before placing your order, we appreciate it and we look forward to work together!