Why prefer sustainable products for our children?

Fortunately, more and more people are preferring sustainable and natural products for their children, products that have been manufactured in a way that is slow and respectful with the environment. Rattan children products that are environmentally friendly but also have a social impact in the communities that make them.

roducts for kids made of rattan and/or wicker that are made in a sustainable way for all the ones involved in them  from the group of people that produce them to the people and kids that buy it, this are some benefits of buying rattan sustainable products for children`s and children`s room decor:

  • Reduction of toxic materials and raw materials in the process of fabrication.
  • The environment is not affected. This gives the opportunity to new generations to enjoy a world full of nature.
  • Respect the labor rights of the small companies of small producers who make this handwoven rattan products.
  • Wicker products are produced with the idea of long lasting a life time.
  • They are safe. Toxic paints or materials are not used to handwoven them.
  • Is a small but very significative contribution for the environment, culture, economy and kids who can be in contact with natural products.
  • Buying handwoven natural products gives an example to the children about consuming habits and consuming sustainable kids products.
  • Surrounds your playroom with more natural products and less plastics or toxic materials.
  • rattan animals coconehWhen we think of rattan handwoven or natural sustainable products, besides the reduction of the environmental impact, we can also think about the contribution to small economies and bringing children closer to nature and give them the example of sustainable habits fo consumption.
That`s why COCONEH designs and produces toys, children`s rooms, and nursery or baby rooms in natural materials such as rattan, wicker and wood. Coconeh`s kids products are environmental friendly, vegan, and non toxic for our children. Coconeh`s rattan kids products are made in a slow production system by local artists.We focus on bringing childhood closer to nature but also on supporting local often forgotten communities of producers, generating employment and conserving the our natural environment and a more sustainable way of producing and consuming.